Muscle Man Boyfriend Pillow

Posted: September 02, 2018
Muscle Man Boyfriend Pillow
$34.99 - $39.95
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Ladies, this muscle man isn't just always available to Netflix & Chill with you, he's even up for watching any Ryan Gosling movie you want. And for being a respectful gentlemen who tries nothing more than offering you his bulging, drug-enhanced arm and chest all night long.

Because he's a pillow. Not a real boyfriend. Not a real Tinder date. Not even a real arm and chest. Just a plush, cotton-stuffed, and very buff pillow happy to be whatever kind of companion you can make out of the top right quadrant of a male gym rat's body.

Like the Girlfriend Pillow, the Muscle Man Boyfriend Pillow soothes lonely singles, or ladies whose boyfriends / husbands are out of town, into a sweet and protected slumber. Use one of the muscle men for a funny novelty gift, or, for men, a thoughtful parting gift when breaking up with your girlfriend.

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