Moving Liquid Floor Tiles

Posted: July 29, 2017
Moving Liquid Floor Tiles
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Moving liquid floor tiles spell DIY dance floor at the wedding and will make every kid want to stomp and spin and roll all over the floor in their bedroom. Get a few for your girlfriend, and the neon fluid free-flowing inside might make her want to stomp and spin and roll all over the floor too.

Art3D's floor tiles seal brightly colored liquid between high-density inner layers. The liquid squishes and spreads to the touch to create nifty visual effects and a fun tactile interaction for children - on par with heat sensitive wall tile.

Moving liquid floor tiles are probably also a great gift for adults who have, uh, gotten the party started. I hear the purple ones taste like snozzberries.

The back of each tile is lined with an anti-slip PVC mat, which Art3D says will hold them in place without adhesion to your underlying floor. Sold singly, they come in a bunch of different colors, as well as a few different sizes. Liquid tiles in the listing here are 12" x 12".

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