Stone Island Ice Knit Thermo-Sensitive Sweaters

Posted: October 05, 2017
Stone Island Ice Knit Heat Sensitive Sweaters
$1,518 - $2,136
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When I first saw Stone Island's Ice Knit thermo-sensitive sweaters I was like, Hey, those Hypercolor sweaters are cool. And then I saw their price and I was like, Oh, that must be in Mexican pesos. But no! Prices are listed in US dollars! Are you pulling my thermostat, Stone Island? $1,500 for a color-changing sweater when I got the T-shirt version in the 90s for $11.99? Even with inflation, it would only be about 20 bucks today.

But I guess high - Everest high - is the price you pay for sportswear when it's from Stone Island, an Italian company whose founder, according to their website, is "the genius that is Massimo Osti, Art Director and Bolognese intellectual."

The Ice Knit collection consists of 3 crewneck sweaters, a pair of zip-up cardigans, and 2 (sold out at printing) beanie hats. Unlike old-school Hypercolor, and other heat sensitive materials, such as this shower tile, Stone Island's thermo-sensitive sweaters react to cold, changing color when the temperatures touching them drop. Crewnecks come in the yellow-to-orange you see above, plus emerald-to-military green, and ivory-to-anthracite. Zip-ups are the green and ivory combos.

All Ice Knit sweaters are made of and outer layer of thermo-sensitive yarn, and an inner layer of pure wool.

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