NoNetz Anti-Chafe Men's Swim Trunks

Posted: March 20, 2019
NONETZ Men's Anti-Chafe Swim Trunks
$60 - $65
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Swim trunk season is so close I can almost chafe it. Ugh. Chafing. Thigh rash. Disturbance and unrest in the crotchal region. NoNetz knows these are the potential downsides of spiking beach volleyballs and splish-splashin' in the pool like a mack with an Inflat-A-Bull, and have developed their line of anti-chafe men's swim trunks to eliminate them from the realm of summertime fun.

As the NoNetz name suggests, the Lime Green / Navy and Blue / White swim trunks (get the blue ones here) contain no nets or mesh on the interior. Instead they're sewn with a soft fabric lining with anti-chafe, anti-rash, antibacterial properties. The shorts are also UPF 50+.

NoNetz swim trunks have 2 deep front pockets and 1 Velcro-close back pocket. Ending their product rundown with a splash that definitely makes me want a pair, NoNetz notes, "If you have pronounced round glutes, large thighs, and a small waist (you workout, huh?) then these will not fit you."

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