Prank Dissolving Swim Shorts

Posted: November 18, 2021
Prank Dissolving Swim Shorts
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I mean, I think anyone who tried on these Prank Dissolving Swim Shorts - or even felt their "fabric" out of the box - would know your story about their being perfectly normal navy blue board shorts for the beach doesn't hold water. But if you can pull off the ruse long enough to get your target to don them and step into the ocean or pool...BWAHAHAHA!

Not only won't your story hold water, but the swim shorts you gag gifted some poor SOB will start dissolving immediately upon contact with it.

Prank Dissolving Swim Shorts make swell additions to bachelor parties and dirty Santa gift exchanges. They are woven with special thread that disintegrates when exposed to water, probably slowly enough that the wearer will have time to get out of the swimsuit before it turns into a birthday suit, but then again, being submerged in water can mess with your senses, and being 3 margaritas in and submerged in water definitely messes with your senses, so they may not even notice their swim shorts are dissolving until crack, cock, and balls have already made their appearance.

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