Transparent Swim Trunks

Posted: August 11, 2019
Transparent Swim Trunks
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Nothing to see here. Because...because...these swim trunks are transparent! Bwahahaha!

Outside of pranks, lifeguard role-playing games at sexy time, and pervert's night out, I don't see much use for a pair of see-through swim shorts. Particularly ones that, in addition to being entirely impractical, look 10/10 uncomfortable.

First, if you're not either at home fixin' to get laid, or in public fixin' to get arrested, you're going to have to wear a second pair of swim trunks or a Speedo suit underneath your transparent swim trunks, which makes for 2 layers of beach / pool wear on a hot day, which makes for balls even sweatier than they would be lolling around under a single suit.

And second, what the squeaky thighs are these things made of? Vinyl? That sounds breathable and sweat-wicking. Transparent swim trunks: 100% waterproof on the outside, 100% sauna on the inside.

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