Mouse Melon Seeds

Posted: March 28, 2022
Mouse Melon Seeds
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Looks like a watermelon, tastes like a cucumber, pops like a grape. Mouse Melons are itty bitty relatives of the cucumber that look, delightfully, like watermelons sized for your action figures. Or, perhaps in a less wasteful application, your pet hedgehog. According to Mouse Melon seed seller Smart Seeds Emporium, the wee fruits are also delicious for humans to consume, tasting like sweet cucumbers with a tangy twist.

Mouse Melons, also called cucamelons, are an heirloom crop originally grown by the Incas. Their rediscovery is welcome not just for their precious appearance and crunchy snackability, but also, Smart Seeds Emporium says, because they are easy to grow and abundant in production.

Mouse Melons grow on vines that also produce delicate green leaves and small, bright yellow flowers.

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