Hedgehog Carry House

Posted: March 05, 2020
Hedgehog Carry House
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This is my service hedgie, and this is his Harinezumi Hedgehog Carry House!While stylish everyday dog and cat carriers - purses, really - are now commonplace, Harinezumi Hedgehog Carry House creator Watanabe noticed at a pet shop one day that there weren't many options so practical, or adorable, for small animal pets. Most of what he saw was made of unsightly plastic and other inorganic materials that wee hedgies, hamsters, and chinchillas probably wouldn't like, and that definitely wouldn't go with their owners' outfits, and make passersby go Awww.

So he designed the portable Harinezumi Hedgehog Carry House, giving it a fun, Insta-ready tent shape with zip-up assembly and a roll-top window, and an adjustable strap for easy toting in hand or over the shoulder when you go out. The tent is made of water-repellent canvas fabric, and unzips to flat for easier cleaning.

When open, the tent window allows for checking in on and feeding the hedgehog inside, and when closed gives the critter darkness for relaxation and sleepy time. You can also set the Harinezumi inside your pet's cage to acclimate them to it, and create a comfort that will hopefully Carry House over to reduce stress when going out.

Watanabe is running the Harinezumi Hedgehog Carry House as a crowdfunding campaign on Japanese platform READYFOR through March 25, 2020.

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