BoxLock Smart Padlock for Package Deliveries

Posted: July 16, 2018
BoxLock Smart Padlock for Package Deliveries

Package thieves be gone! BoxLock, answering the call of necessity...or the call of mother...or however you apply that invention saying...was developed in response to the giant leap in our online shopping habits, and the corresponding rise in package theft. The post office, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, whomever delivers the goods you got on Prime Day or the handcrafted Scorpion Chair you ordered from Russia, is probably going to leave the boxes they come in on your porch. Alone. Exposed. Beacons for burgling hands. The BoxLock padlock system aims to provide a secure, but accessible, a smart way to lock up your boxes when they're delivered.

When you download the BoxLock app to your phone and pair it with your specific BoxLock, the device then connects to your home WiFi to be at the ready to provide access via package barcodes to delivery people, and then you when you move to retrieve them. The BoxLock app guides users through account access (or creation) to USPS Informed Delivery, UPS MyChoice, Fedex Delivery Manager, and Amazon Prime. The lock receives updates / package tracking info from these services, and has the barcode data it needs for the delivery person to activate it when they arrive.

You'll then use your BoxLock app to unlock / relock the padlock when you get home.

You can also track your packages - all of them, from any number of different outlets - directly from the BoxLock app. And if you want to let a friend borrow your tent or car wash gun or life-size blue whale kite, you can create and text a custom barcode, which they can then scan for access.

BoxLocks are compatible with a number of different mailboxes and storage containers, all sold separately.

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