Life-Size Blue Whale Kite

Posted: September 13, 2012
Life-Size Blue Whale Kite
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I see your flying squirrel, Flying Dutchman, and flying f@*k, and raise you a flying blue whale! No, make that a life-size flying blue whale. Wind master Peter Lynn's superbly massive kite measures in at over 60 feet long, just like its underwater counterpart. From the folds blanketing his eyes to the blow hole spotting his back, the blue marine beast also looks incredibly realistic swimming through the sky. Though, thankfully, he does not appear to be anatomically correct.

Only experienced kite users are intended to fly the blue whale, though if you happen to be one of those people, and like to get others hot and riled, might I suggest you float the marine mammal over a fall festival--an Oktober or Hemp Fest would probably produce the desired results--and then sit back to enjoy the Sign of the Apocalypse! frenzy that ensues.

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