The Car Wash Gun - 2-in-1 Foam Blaster

Posted: June 25, 2018
The Car Wash Gun - 2-in-1 Foam Blaster

As loath as I am to add car washing to my list of Sunday manual labor chores, I do like the idea of being the wielder of a Car Wash Gun and its foam-blasting capabilities. Like being a Ghostbuster with a soapy Proton Pack.

Also, buying a car wash at the gas station costs me $8 to $14, depending on how many different colors of foam I choose to have the automated cube spurt at my car. Also, it never fails that as soon as the gas pump prints my car wash receipt and I start to roll over to the entrance, like 5 other cars come out of nowhere! and cut in front of me. Then I'm stuck waiting 20 minutes to get my car its session with the Fairy Suds Mother, and I can't just be like, "Ah forget it, what's another year without washing it?" and leave because I've just paid $8 to $14 for a car wash!

The Car Wash Gun is a high pressure foamer with a 0 to 5 gear adjustment dial to produce 6 types of foam density. You can also fill it with water and control the spray intensity of the rinse-off. Connect the Car Wash Gun to your garden hose to clean vehicles with 4 wheels and 2, as well as your lawn chairs, patio surfaces, outdoor walls, and glass.

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