Moss Carpet - Living Bath Mat

Posted: March 16, 2021
Moss Carpet - Living Bath Mat

Ahhh, the Moss Carpet reminds me of waking at dawn in a cloud forest, creeping across the rich and vibrant green vegetation of its cushioned floor, the beating heart of nature tickling my feet. Yeah. Either that, or being a giant in a Tolkien story who storms a village of hobbits and crushes them all between his toes.

Designed by Nection Studio, the Moss Carpet is a bath mat made of live forest moss. As awesome as it looks, and as glorious as the tactile sensation of stepping onto nature's pillows will surely be, those attributes might not even be the Moss Carpet's coolest. That award goes to its engineering and assembly, which allow you to water the Moss Carpet simply by bathing and stepping on it. In addition to the humidity you create while using the shower or bathtub, when you step out of one of them onto the rug, the drops of water that stream down your body will go into the mosses to keep them fresh and healthy.

The Moss Carpet is made of 3 layers, a bottom layer of waterproof recycled foam, a fluffy top layer of recycled foam with cutouts to hold the mosses in place and provide cushioning between them, and the central moss substrate layer.

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