Ice Hockey Rink Pendant Light

Posted: December 29, 2019
Ice Hockey Rink Pendant Light

Kid bummed he didn't get a hockey rink for Christmas? ... Grown ass man of the household bummed he didn't get a hockey rink for Christmas? Check out this ice hockey rink pendant light. It's not a perfect substitute for an EZ Ice backyard rink, but as significantly less expensive and space-consuming consolation prizes go, it probably won't end up in the return or regifting pile.

The ice hockey rink pendant light is made from glass and steel, with a multicolored finish to match the red and blue lines of the rink. The light's scoreboard "base" holds a 60W light bulb, and creates ambient light both through the mock score / time remaining cutouts on the sides, and diffused through the glass rink below it.

Make it a hockey home good hat trick with an NHL Goal Light & Horn and hockey net mug wrapped up alongside the hockey rink pendant light.

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