EZ Ice - DIY 60-Minute Backyard Ice Rink

Posted: November 05, 2017
EZ Ice - DIY 60-Minute Backyard Ice Rink
$2,280 - $3,870
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EZ Ice says its DIY backyard ice rinks are so fast and easy to put together that even your kids could do it. In 60 minutes! Which means you should definitely get an EZ Ice backyard ice rink and put those couch-lounging freeloaders to work. I see a Tuesday night winter hockey league with the boys in your future.

You can assemble and fill EZ Ice backyard rinks on most any surface large enough to accommodate one of their many standard and custom sizes. Lawns, parking lots, basketball or tennis courts, sports fields, the roof. As long as it's flat - or as long as you meant to make an ice ramp rather than an ice rink - it will do. Installation of an EZ Ice also won't harm the underlying surface or utilities because setup doesn't penetrate it with spikes or rods.

The kids will also be glad to know they can set up your EZ Ice rink without the assistance of tools. No hammers to smash their thumbs, no drills to impale them, no saws to run off with a finger. No screws, nails, or stakes either. All EZ Ice parts just clip together like LEGOs or K'NEX or whatever other construction toys you bought them that they now owe you at least an hour's worth of manual labor for.

Once erected, EZ Ice uses a tension strap system to solidify their rinks. Add water, and as the water level rises, its weight will create pressure on the rink walls to tension the straps.

It appears that EZ Ice is selling only their 20' x 40' rink through Amazon, but has sizes ranging from Kiddie 15' x 30' to NHL 80' x 200' available directly through the EZ Ice website.

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