NHL Goal Light & Horn

Posted: June 06, 2014
NHL Goal Light with Horn
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The NHL Goal Light with horn is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. (Thank you, thank you very much.) Except it has the additional perk of arriving pre-programmed with all 30 NHL teams' authentic goal noises, selectable via the light's program panel, and blarable with an accompanying puck-shaped remote control. So now you can officially and borderline obnoxiously sound and illuminate your support for the Rangers or the Kings during this year's bi-coastal faceoff for the Stanley Cup. Or just watch the finals indignantly firing off the Red Wings' scoring sounds to demonstrate your unwavering loyalty and proud unsportsmanlike conduct.

Along with team-specific goal sirens, the NHL Goal Light also includes all 30 hockey team stickers. It comes with its requisite 4 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries, as well as a bracket and hardware for optional wall or ceiling mounting.

Note: As highly recommended as installing the light alongside your flatscreen is installing it on your bedroom ceiling. No reason to limit the celebration of scoring to professional sports.

The NHL Goal Light is a top Dude Gift for the Mancave pick.

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