Play with Your Food Sports Mugs

Posted: December 03, 2017
Play with Your Food Sports Mugs
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Sports mugs with nets and baskets and goalposts and gloves to flick food into? Weeeee! As if marshmallows in hot chocolate and Fritos in chili weren't fun enough before!

MAX'IS Creations encourages everyone to play with their food with this line of mugs modeled after the world's most popular sports. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer ball, and hockey puck bowls serve as a base for hot drinks, soups, cereals, and ice cream, while their respective goals extend up from the mug handles so you can score more than just a second helping of Moose Tracks with chocolate chips on top when you use them.

Directly across from their goals, the lip of the football, soccer, and hockey mugs' rims is slightly wider so you can properly position your chosen projectile across from its target before taking the shot. The basketball mug leaves you to shoot a basket from overhead, and the baseball mug to toss a pitch right into the catcher mitt kisser.

An 8-year-old named Max created the sports mugs in art class, and then went on to become a finalist at a product innovation contest at Fenway Park. Now, The Mug with a Goalpost, The Mug with a Hoop, The Mug with a Glove, The Soccer Mug with a Goal, and The Hockey Mug with a Net are part of the MAX'IS Creations family business. They'd obviously make a swell gift for a kid, and really sports fans of any age.

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