Building Brick Waffle Maker

Posted: January 17, 2022
Building Brick Waffle Maker
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I would be remiss if, in seeing the Building Brick Waffle Maker from CucinaPro, I didn't say: it's time to LEGO my Eggo!

The Building Brick Waffle Maker is an electric unit with nonstick cooking griddles segmented to make 14 brick-shaped waffles per bake. The set also comes with a pair of 10 x 13 construction plates for stabilizing and stacking your breakfast creations, and each plate includes a couple of syrup reservoirs for waffle brick dunking.

Obviously, the waffle creations you'll build with the Building Brick Waffle Maker will never have LEGO Titanic or LEGO NES levels of detail, or even...uh...recognizability, but what they'll lack in finesse they'll certainly make up for in their ability to soak up butter and syrup, wear whipped cream like a supermodel, and glide down your gullet without requiring a trip to the ER.

And if you happen to step on a waffle brick, squish, squish, it might actually feel nice!

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