Ylin Stool - Recycled Cork Active Sitting Stool

Posted: April 26, 2023
Ylin Stool - Recycled Cork Active Sitting Stool
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The Ylin Stool, an active sitting / balance stool, doesn't look like quite as much fun to park my caboose on as the Restless Rocking Chair, but its neutral, minimalist aesthetic, and the fact it could probably pass for a piece of decor, does give the Ylin a butt up on the Ballo Stool. Plus, Portugal-based OWN Design Shop makes the stools out of recycled cork, a material their country has plenty of due to being the world's largest producer, and waster, of it.

The stool has a diameter of 13.8", and is 17.7" tall. Active sitting enthusiasts, plus those who just want to work on their hip mobility and gyrating dance moves while writing quarterly reports, can make this balance stool the Ylin to their Ylang via OWN Design Shop's Etsy store.

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