Restless Rocking Chair

Posted: September 15, 2021
Restless Rocking Chair
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Turn yourself into a life-size, real-life Weeble with the Restless Rocking Chair, a whimsical piece of kinetic furniture from Czech designer Karel Matejka. Though termed a "rocking chair" for simplicity, the Restless armchair rocks like a roly-poly, in all directions, plus spins 'round and 'round on its axis, rather than sticking to a simple forward-back sway like a typical rocker.

While it would seem Matejka's sole goal with the Restless Rocking Chair would be to create a unique centerpiece for a room that's also fun to "ride" - at least until you start feeling vomity from the bobbing and spinning - he says comfort and support were also key to his design. "What happens when you base the ergonomics of seating furniture on movement and playfulness?" Matejka asks. "You will find, for example, that even after a long session your back does not hurt, that you unexpectedly enjoyed an otherwise boring event."

The Restless Rocking Chair is part of a 3-piece collection Matejka calls L'Instabilite. The other objects are a lamp on a bowling ball base, and a hanging rack on a Weeble-style base similar to the Restless Rocking Chair's.

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