Ballo Stool

Posted: January 30, 2015
Ballo Stool
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Don Chadwick designed the Ballo for Humanscale as another solution to society's growing problem of too much butt contact. Sitting improperly, and especially for too long, seemingly gets a worse rap with each passing week. And while the Ballo stool hasn't jumped on the stand-up-only bandwagon--thankfully, given its weeble-wobble design--it does promote good posture and active engagement while sitting. (That also means using it is somewhat of a workout in and of itself, so you won't be inclined to sit for extended periods of time.)

Ballo consists of a pair of air-filled, non-slip dimpled domes connected by a straight TPV rod. The domes are intended to shape ergonomically to the body, and their firmness is adjustable to suit personal preference. Balance and core strength contribute to a strong seated position on the stool, but it is also counterweighted at the base so it remains upright even when not in use.

Ballo stools weigh 13.5 pounds and come in a choice of 7 colors.

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