Evolution of the Bat-Signal Poster

Posted: December 26, 2012
Evolution of the Bat Symbol Poster

Geez, 30 permutations of Batman's Bat-Signal from 1940 to 2012. I wish the stale logos of Ford and Chevrolet would take a page out of the progressive DC Comics' book. Maybe then I'd consider buying an American car as seriously as I'm considering buying a Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit.

Calm the Ham has produced a comprehensive poster spanning 72 years of Batman's iconic symbols. Available as a limited edition of 250 prints, buyers can choose from three Evolution of Batman sizes: 13" x 19"; 16" x 24"; and 24" x 36". Posters arrive ready for framing, philosophical discussions about the curvature of the bat wing span as commentary on postmodern nuclear society, and obsessive arguments over which logo is the sickest. The latter potentially resulting in the impalement of one party with the other's $3,300 Batman fountain pen.

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