Fancy Batman Pen Set

Posted: October 27, 2012
Batman Pen Set
  • Batman Pen Set
  • Batman Pen Set
  • Batman Pen Set in Display Box
$4,945 - $5,695
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Even as a Batman die-hard, I'm pretty sure that if I had $5,000 to spend on Dark Knight products, I wouldn't go for a fountain pen. But different folks, different strokes, 'ey? And if you fancy yourself, say, a DC Comics poet, or just a fervent advocate of writing implements, perhaps you will see both the sweetness and the value in Italian pen company Montegrappa's Cult Batman Limited Edition Pen Set.

Having teamed up with Warner Bros., Montegrappa presents this nifty bat signal box filled Bat Signal cufflinks, a Batman wristwatch, and the buyer's choice of a 1939 Batman roller or fountain pen. All of the pens' components are made of aluminium with a black anodised finish, less the clip and decorative rings, which are fashioned from ruthenium-plated brass. Color choices are intended to evoke the dark grey hue of the Dark Knight's original costume. Both pen surfaces are engraved with bats in flight. The fountain pen extends into in a two-tone rhodium plated 18k gold nib, also bearing the Bat logo.

The pen set's wristwatch is finished in black, and keeps with the flying bat theme in patterns traversing its bezel and dial. Also batting out the watch are Bruce Wayne's superhero insignia in nickel at 12 o'clock, curved blade hands for the hours and minutes, and a Batman emblem on the sub-dial for the seconds and crown. A sapphire crystal protects the all-black dial and its nickel embellishments, while yet another engraved bat emblem protects the watch's back.

Still, $5 grand? For that I could buy full-on Batsuits for my entire motorcycle gang.

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