PongTu Disposable Sticker Toilet Plunger

Posted: July 14, 2017
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To truly get how the PongTu Disposable Sticker Toilet Plunger works, you've got to watch the video. Granted, it's not the best quality, and if you're like me you'll get a little caught up on, How many times is that dude gonna caress the thin film of sticker covering the toilet he just took a giant, pipe-clogging dump in?

And then it'll be, Uh, how hard is he gonna press on that plastic with his face so close to the hole? Whoa, whoa. That thing's, like, breathing. At first I was worried he'd fall through, but now I'm thinking that shit - oh, that shit's coming up after him!

And then, Ahhhhh. We got through it. The PongTu Disposable Sticker Toilet Plunger didn't bust downward or upward, it just plunged the toilet. All is right as...wait. That sticker just plunged the toilet?! Holy crap!

Straight outta Korea, the PongTu is a low-density polyethylene adhesive that somehow manages to create an airtight seal from the outside as it sucks, sucks, sucks your clog, and then sends your t.p. and t.poo down the pipes from the inside. And when the PongTu completes its mission? Rip it back off, and dispose of the sheet in the trash. This is strange. Teaching your cat to go in the toilet strange. Shit Gold Pills strange.

PongTu toilet-plunging stickers come in packs of two. And they're not exactly cheap, so probably more of a novelty gift than a new household staple.

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