Sh*t Gold Pills

Posted: January 10, 2013
Sh*t Gold Pills
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It may still stink, but ingest a couple of these 24K capsules, and your shit will look as handsome as a pile of gold. Tobias Wong and J.A.R.K. (Ju$t Another Rich Kid) created the Gold Pills as part of their INDULGENCE line, and as a bit of swallowable commentary on society's obsession with wealth and consumption. Just down one of the gold leaf-filled tubes (preferably with a shot of espresso and a couple prunes) and transform your insides into a rich and luminous palace of major systems and organs, all churning in perfect synchronicity towards a singular goal: making your shit sparkle.

If you're wondering what to do with the golden shit post-defecation, unfortunately the answer is still, "Flush it." I guess you could try to use it to buy things - for example, Beanie Babies and Facebook stock, which some have suggested are currently worth shit - but Wong and J.A.R.K. make no mention of whether or not that will work. Rather I think the message here is that anyone who can afford to spend a few hundos on a few pills filled with 24K shards of gold, and goes ahead and does it, isn't just the type of person who pisses away money, but the type who shits it away too.

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