The Key 83mm Conical Burr Electric Grinder

Posted: November 03, 2022
The Key 83mm Conical Burr Electric Grinder
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The Key to the perfect cup of coffee or espresso is an 83mm conical burr electric grinder that costs $2,000. At least according to Weber Workshops. But they would say that, being the cats who designed and engineered The Key. And they'd probably also point out their latest burr grinder is a hot deal compared to their even more expensive and science-lab-lookin' EG-1 single dosing coffee grinder, which rings in around $3,750.

In addition to its nominal reduction in price, The Key has undergone a more countertop-friendly reduction in size. Weber Workshops says they have "built a massive, 83mm conical burr set into the most compact, space-saving design possible," and one that would typically contain burrs a fraction of the size.

The burrs themselves remain the stars of this electric grinder. Weber Workshops sources them from Mazzer, and then mods them with partial seasoning and a TiN coating edge seal so they're ready for home or coffee shop use right out of the box. The streamlined Key also comes with an integrated cleaning brush, and a Magic Tumbler for automated WDT grounds homogenization that Weber Workshops says suffers no overspill, and prepares doses for direct drops into an espresso portafilter, Aeropress, Moka pot, or pour-over filter.

The Key's big ol' burrs can still grind in wee tiny steps of 5 microns, going from Turkish-fine to V60-pour-over-ready.

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