EG-1 Single Dosing Coffee Grinder

Posted: October 04, 2020
EG-1 Single Dosing Coffee Grinder
$3,495 - $4,195
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Here's one for the coffee lab. Weber Workshops' EG-1 is a single dosing electric burr grinder designed for pour over cups of coffee and shots of espresso. Or is it? Looks like the sleek science-y device could also be a NASA microscope. Or a particle generator. A desktop-sized replicator, perhaps. They say it grinds the coffee, but I'm not so sure it doesn't just fully reconstitute the matter that makes up the mug and liquid themselves.

Designed predominantly for retailers - at least according to the grinder's price - the EG-1 aims to "streamline the single dosing workflow." And, I might add, serve as a sight for sore hipster coffee snob eyes. The grinder uses a magnetically mounted burr set to eliminate the screw holes other burr setups use, and prevent the buildup of old coffee.

The EG-1 further depicts coffee grinding as a science with digital variable RPM settings and a 5 micron stepped adjustment wheel. Weber Workshops says their electric burr grinder operates with virtually zero ground retention and cleans up easily, with no tools required.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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