AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Posted: May 02, 2014
AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker
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Brew a double espresso or 10-ounce cup of coffee right into your favorite mug in around 60 seconds with the AeroPress. A simple tool, a space-saving alternative to a full-size coffee maker, and supposedly at the head of "one of the best cups of coffee you'll ever taste," the AeroPress introduces gentle air pressure to hot water and coffee grounds for a brewing process that aims to produce rich flavor with low acidity and no bitterness. Huh. Rich flavor with low acidity and no bitterness. While I'm not really sure how it could go down, I think both men and women would benefit greatly if someone could figure out a way to apply AeroPress' ethos and line of research to blow jobs.

An AeroPress tube holds enough coffee and hot water to brew up to 4 cups, and actual press time runs just 20 to 30 seconds. To brew a double espresso or 10-ounce cup of coffee:

  1. Place a microfilter in the bottom cap of the AeroPress chamber and twist the cap closed.
  2. Place 2 scoops of ground coffee from the included AeroPress scoop into the chamber.
  3. Stand the chamber on a sturdy mug, and then pour hot water into the top of the chamber (175 degrees F is optimal).
  4. Stir the water and coffee with the included paddle for about 10 seconds.
  5. Insert the plunger into the chamber and gently press down about 1/4". Continue with that gentle pressure for 20 to 30 seconds (gentle pressure is the key to easy AeroPressing [and pleasing ladies]).

The AeroPress' bottom micro filter should keep plunged liquids grit-free. In addition to standard coffee and espresso, the elbow grease brewer can also produce Americanos and lattes with the simple addition of hot water or milk to brewed espresso.

Factoid: AeroPress creator Alan Adler also invented the Aerobie, a flying ring which set the Guinness record for the world's farthest throw (1,333 feet), and also sliced a gnarly gash across half my neck when I was 8 because my friend Cornelius chucked it at me before I was ready.

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