Fat Belly Mug

Posted: July 24, 2022
Fat Belly Mug
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Coffee and muffin...top, anyone? This Fat Belly Mug is described as "cute," and I guess that's true, if you're into the dad bod look. Admittedly, it is also very cute 'n' clever that the handle of the mug is formed by the Fat Belly subject grabbing his own love handles.

Or her, or their love handles. I'm all about diversity and inclusion around here. And to be clear, I'm not knocking belly fat either. Big is beautiful! Belly fat is beautiful! ... Even though it's probably going to give you type 2 diabetes and heart disease someday soon.

The (Cute) Fat Belly Mug holds 10 ounces of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or visceral fat. It's the perfect mug gift for anyone with a sense of humor, or the co-worker who needs some motivation to have a lightly dressed chicken salad instead of a double bacon cheeseburger and fries for lunch.

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