3D Latte Art Maker

Posted: November 18, 2014
3D Latte Art Maker

Sculpting 3D bears and puppy dogs out of foamed milk to float in a latte seems like a lot of trouble to me. Trouble that will be ruined the instant the jackhole I went to all the trouble for decides she is going to drink the latte instead of sitting there staring at my trouble indefinitely as we discuss what she's going to do for me in return for my trouble. But I guess if the "in return" part is good enough, the trouble will have been worth it.

The Awa Taccino is a 3D latte art maker from Takara Tomy. The same company that brought us the Potato Chip Grabber, the Put a Head on Your Beer Mug, and other game-changers that have generally improved our quality of life on Earth. Apparently latte art has become a trend in Japan, and not just the flat swirly kind like we two-dimensional Americans create in our coffees. These barista extraordinaires build upward and outward! Then they add depth and googly eyes with chocolate syrup!

With the Awa Taccino you can too. Fill the device with milk, let it blend it to a foam, and then use your steady hand and clever eye to spurt out a dairy frog. Ribbit! Mmmm. Tastes like chicken.

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