Japanese Potato Chip Grabber

Posted: July 02, 2012
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Say goodbye to greasy orange Cheetos fingers and any remaining illusions that humans are not the laziest animals on the planet. I thought the Remote Control Drink Float was the pinnacle of indolence, but next to Takara Tomy's Potato Chip Grabber, it measures in at only mildly languorous. A duo of snack time helpers, the Potechi no Te and the Popcorn no Te have been specially designed to remove all neck-down effort from mowing on junk food. Each hand's thumb and pointer is button-controlled to activate gentle chip- and popcorn-gripping actions termed the NBCS and FECA--No Broken Clunch System and Finger Easy Clunch System, respectively. (I have a feeling "Clunch" is maybe supposed to be "Crunch", but I don't want to get lambasted for ridiculing the stereotypical Asian pronunciation of English "R"s, so I'm not gonna say anything.) Gently opening and closing around the desired potato crisp or puffed kernel of corn, Grabbers take care not to crush or otherwise alter the texture and flavor of the imminently devoured, rendering them not only accessories for the lazy, but also godsends for the prickly and anal.

Potechi no Te for chips is the green Grabber, and Popcorn no Te for popcorn the caramel-colored magic wand. Both measure 1.6" x 7.1" x 1.6".

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