Put a Head on Your Beer Mug

Posted: April 22, 2012
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No matter the context, the topic of head always seems to be a controversial one. Does it enhance the experience or cheapen it? How much is too much? Do you let others know when they get a little bit stuck to their face? The Japanese, those definitive magnates of pomp and circumstance, have answers to all of our head-based conundrums. And not surprisingly, they--along with Thailand and South Korea--are some of the world's leading head enthusiasts. In an homage to the cloud of foam, and to ensure its consistent and pristine formation with every pint of beer, the Japanese have invented the Jokki Hour Beer Mug, a brew vessel with a thumb switch that easily and precisely generates a frothy few inches of head atop happy drinkers' beers. Just pour in a pint, depress the top of the handle, and delight in the rising gurgle that agitates your cold one, and sends a delectable layer of silky white to the rim.

The "Hour" in "Jokki Hour" is a play on "awa", the Japanese word for "foam". "Jokki" probably means "mug", though it could be a play on the word "joke", which is what I am constantly suspicious the Japanese are all in on when I see these types of creations. Not to mention the unbridled exuberance coming from the people in the video. I mean, even if they're paid actors, there is something about that kind of impassioned reaction to carbonation that makes me wonder if I might be getting brainwashed or injected with subliminal messages as I watch. You know, come to think of it, it's only 8 a.m., but I'm totally jonesing for some teriyaki.... The Jokki Hour Beer Mug is clear, with options of yellow or black foam switches.

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