MSCHF's Big Fruit Loop

Posted: December 15, 2022
MSCHF's Big Fruit Loop
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Are you ready for a half-pound, 930-calorie Fruit Loop? No, not half a pound and 930 calories worth of Froot Loops*, a single Fruit Loop weighing 6.7 ounces and packing 930 cals into the happy...but maybe turning sad about an hour later...bellies of those who consume them. Can you handle MSCHF's Big Fruit Loop, dudes? Come on!

Toucan do it!

MSCHF packs their single Big Fruit Loop in a familiar box with parody artwork, text, and even some familiar games to play while you're chowing down on your mega ring of flour and high fructose corn syrup. Impossible-to-finish maze and answerless Wordle renamed "Birdle," anyone? The only thing missing is the free toy inside the box. Like, say, some blood glucose test strips, or a packet of real toucan toenails.

The Big Fruit Loop is MSCHF's 87th drop. If you're wondering what the other 86 have been, you can see at least 3 of them around here: the Decapitated Swan Pool Float; the Cuss Collar for your dog; and Dead Startup Toys.

*Notice the change in spelling? That's because the Big Fruit Loop has nothing to do with Kellogg's Froot Loops, and MSCHF is very careful about noting all double-O trademarks belong to the double-L, double-G's.

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