Decapitated Swan Pool Float

Posted: July 12, 2019
Decapitated Swan Pool Float
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The Decapitated Swan Pool Float is big enough for 2 people! It's 5' long x 5' wide x 3' tall. Er, whoops. 2' tall.

So. Why the ugly duckling would anyone want a Decapitated Swan Pool Float? Uh...because it's funny? And you have the option of resting the swan's severed head "nicely on the body" for the benefit of the kiddos and your mother-in-law, or floating it "idly nearby" to upset and disturb the kiddos and your mother-in-law.

Decapitated Floats must be banking on the popularity of a Decapitated Swan Pool Float, and perhaps future decapitated animal / people pool floats (flamingoes! Unicorns! Peacocks! My ex Karen!), because they bought the decapitatedfloats.com web domain, and I'm sure that move cost them a pretty penny.

Really though, I understand the creators of the Decapitated Swan Pool Float, lukas bentel and MSCHF, made the inflatable as a jab at silly goose social media influencers, particularly those on Instagram who have taken to posting photos of themselves lounging on giant swans and other floating beasts that haven't lost their heads. The Decapitated Swan Pool Float is part of a limited edition of 500.

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