Dead Startup Toys - Iconic Failed Startups as Toys

Posted: July 12, 2021
Dead Startup Toys - Iconic Failed Startups as Toys
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Dead Startup Toys from internet collective MSCHF are here to give a few shits 'n' giggles to the entrepreneurial in-crowd. Serve as "Remember that trainwreck?" desk toys and gifts for the geeks and techies in your life. Aaaand stir up bad memories, possibly buried rage, for all the people who invested in or helped crowdfund the Coolest Cooler, Jibo social robot, Theranos miniLab, Juicero juicer, and One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) laptop.

MSCHF describes their Dead Startup Toys not as fun figurines or whimsical pieces of nostalgia, but "a line of heads on stakes," and, yeah, for anyone on the receiving end of not receiving a product that was all it claimed - or, more likely, never receiving the product they pledged for at all - I think that's a pretty accurate comparison.

You can read all about the history and fate of the products that became the inspiration for Dead Startup Toys, as well as buy them individually or as a set, for a limited time from MSCHF's Dead Startup Toys online store.

Though I can't promise they'll actually ship them, or that the Dead Startup Toys' design and performance will live up to their hype.

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