Pinhead Baby Yoda

Posted: December 18, 2020
Pinhead Baby Yoda
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Pinhead Baby Yoda, now that's a mashup both strange and disconcerting, yet also entirely representative of 2020. It's not really fair to Grogu, though. Sure, he has a voracious appetite, and occasionally eats others' babies, but he's mostly just good-natured, well-behaved, and adorable. Compared to most kids his age (er, apparent age) he's far from a hellraiser.

Nonetheless, Mountain Ape chose The Mandalorian's Child star as their subject for this dissonant piece of art (and stellar Halloween costume idea for next year.) The little guy stands 4" tall, and is handpainted to highlight Pinhead's trademark grisly skin, protruding nails, and facial scars, plus his weird evil villain / BDSM leather skirt. The final piece to the Pinhead Baby Yoda puzzle is, of course, the puzzle itself, the Hellraiser Lament Configuration box.

Pinhead Baby Yoda 3D print design props go to Geoff at Hex 3D, and if you want to assemble and paint him yourself, you can get the raw prints from 3D print shop 3D Print Merc Mart. They also have iterations of Baby Yoda mashed with Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, Chucky, Pennywise, Jason, and Leatherface, any of which would make Baby Yoda a more suitable companion for the Baby Jabbas we met last week.

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