Handmade Baby Jabba Dolls

Posted: December 09, 2020
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Baby Yo-...no. The Chi-...no. Grogu! Nope, not even Grogu. It's Baby Jabba! Wait, what? Baby Jabba? Baby Jabba the Hutt? What evil cuteness, what abominable adorability is this?!

LoreCraft's Baby Jabbas are perhaps inspired by Star Wars The Mandalorian's breakout star, and they're definitely hand-sculpted, and then cast in the same special FX grade platinum silicone as The Child. But the dolls / puppets / display pieces are neither made in Baby Yoda's likeness, nor are they fan-produced replicas of any existing characters from the Star Wars franchise.

In other words, Baby Jabba is a brand new baby breakout, the conceptual brainchild of Leonardo Viti, and the realized wee little statue of LoreCraft's Nicholas Brown.

In other words, no copyright or intellectual property infringements here. Suck it, Disney!

Looking at Baby Jabba's price tag, initially you might be surprised Lucasfilm isn't collecting royalties on the creature's sale. But first consider that LoreCraft is doing a very limited run of the dolls, each made entirely by Brown, and shipped with stamped and signed certificate of authenticity.

Then consider the above timelapse video, a mesmerizing look into Brown's process of creating the original Baby Jabba clay sculpture, its mold, and the ensuing gaggle of Baby Js. The skill, the time, the glass eyes and lolling detachable tongues! I'm not saying I can afford a handmade Baby Jabba, but I do understand why they're priced out of my pay grade.

If you've got the cash, and need a nearly OOAK gift for a Star Wars fan...or gift for your girlfriend who melts over beguiling little aliens.

Muchas danke to Geeks Are Sexy.

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