Personalized LEGO Minifigure

Posted: March 08, 2021
Personalized LEGO Minifigure
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LEGO my head! Your personalized LEGO minifigure awaits, at least from the neck up, courtesy of your submitted photos and Funky 3D Faces' 3D printing skills. The Etsy shop will transform any man, woman, or child submitted into a sandstone material head with a 5mm diameter hole on the bottom. A hole in your head you need, for once, because it will allow you to snap your LEGO self onto any standard LEGO minifigure body out there. Cowboy, firefighter, superhero, Chandler Bing, George Costanza, you name it.

A great gift for a kid, or your favorite adult LEGO geek, personalized LEGO minifigures come with a free random minifig, so if you do go the gift route there won't be any initial awkwardness explaining why you got your recipient a disembodied head in their likeness.

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