RM UP-01 Ferrari Ultra-Flat Watch

Posted: July 27, 2022
RM UP-01 Ferrari Ultra-Flat Watch
$1.8 million
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Ultra-flat and ultra-light aren't typically words you'd use to describe a Ferrari, but the RM UP-01 Ferrari Watch still manages to capture the spirit of the brand with its other ultras. An ultra-groundbreaking design. An ultra-sleek aesthetic. Ultra-luxe materials. And an ultra-extravagant price tag.

The RM UP-01 Ferrari is a collaboration between the automaker and Swiss luxury watch brand Richard Mille. At just 1.75mm, or 0.07", thick, it does what the CST-01 failed to do, and beats out the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept by 0.25mm. That last bit of thickness, however, seems to have cost the RM UP-01 Ferrari a mechanical movement; it uses a manual winding movement to control its hours, minutes, and function selector.

Grade 5 titanium makes up the majority of the RM UP-01 Ferrari Watch, including its baseplate and bridges, and the entire watch case. The caseback and bezel have a satin finish with polished bezels. So you know Ferrari had a hand in this piece of wrist decor, the iconic prancing horse is laser-engraved in the bottom-right corner of the watch face.

A limited edition of 150 RM UP-01 Ferrari ultra-flat watches is available.

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