World's Thinnest Mechanical Watch

Posted: May 25, 2020
The World's Thinnest Mechanical Watch
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Swiss luxury watch brand Piaget knew exactly what it would take to back up the claim that with their Altiplano Ultimate Concept they'd created the world's thinnest mechanical watch: they put their money where their mouth was. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of it. So, unlike this self-proclaimed world's thinnest watch from Central Standard Timing, the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept has gone from crowd-wowing concept to commercially produced timepiece.

Unfortunately, the watch costs over $400,000, so most of us are no closer to owning it than the CST-01 world's thinnest watch that ended up never existing in the first place.

If you still want to get your jealous jollies doting over the Altiplano Ultimate Concept, here are its standout specs:

  • Case Thinness: "a gossamer 2mm," achieved through fusing the watch's case and Manufacture Piaget 900P-UC hand-wound mechanical movement.
  • Case Diameter: 41mm.
  • Case Material: cobalt alloy.
  • Available in 3 styles.
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