Lusso Cloud Scenario Comfort Slide

Posted: March 17, 2023
Lusso Cloud Scenario Comfort Slide
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I know what a cloud is, and I think "lusso" means "luxe" or "lavish" in Italian, so if wearing a pair of Lusso Cloud's Scenario Comfort Slide feels like walking on a luxe or lavish cloud, then...well, don't sign me up just yet. The cloggy shoes are a borderline eyesore, so start by just telling me more about them.

Made of recycled IP-EVA, the Scenario Comfort Slide is Croc-ish in its application, as well as its look. Meaning you can wear it anywhere, including through muddy puddles, pools of water, and neighbors' Inflatable Rocketship Sprinklers on hot summer days. Molded arches, textured interiors, and vented uppers provide support, prevent blisters, and promote breathability. Presumably these features are also responsible for the "comfort nirvana," Lusso Cloud claims with their brand name, and the use of the words "comfort nirvana" in the Scenario Comfort Slide's product description.

The Scenario Comfort Slide is available on Amazon in Malt, Jet, Black, and Coffee Colors, the latter looking a lot more like milk than coffee to me, which makes me wonder how honest Lusso Cloud is being about other aspects of their footwear, namely the whole "comfort nirvana" thing. You can also get some Scenario Comfort Slides directly from Lusso Cloud in a broader range of colors.

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