Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler

Posted: July 07, 2020
Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler
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FUNBOY's Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler has landed, and it's packed with stories of stars, space, and, more importantly, 4 "jets" that spray 360 degrees of hose water. The 8' tall rocket is an official piece of summertime entertainment "for the kids," but you know this FUNBOY is going to bear some fun for all the adulting dudes and ladies also eager for a NASA-approved cooldown when the backyard gets hot.

Like the Ginormous Inflatable Animal Yard Sprinklers, the Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler goes from flat to ready for hydro-blastoff in less than 2 minutes, but won't actually shoot away from you thanks to a set of ground stakes.

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