Giant Robot Slippers with Sound

Posted: April 29, 2014
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Perfect. I've been looking for some giant robot feet to go with my giant robot arms. And these are slippers? With Vrrrrrr-clank! Vrrrrrr-clank! sound effects? Did I say perfect? I meant better than perfect. I meant, like, of a caliber equal to a robot companion for my new robot self made from Angelina Jolie's face, Scarlett Johansson's boobs, and Rihanna's ass.

Stomp around the house smashing stuff up...without actually smashing anything and incurring the ire of your wife/girlfriend/mom...with these great big bootie-style robot slippers. An on/off switch and 4 x AA batteries activate the step-reactive vrrrrrr-clank sounds, which will obviously and awesomely annoy the hell out of anyone not responsible for making them within 20 seconds. One-size slippers fit most homo sapiens with cyborg dreams. Interior foot boxes measure 8" wide x 13" long, and scale up to about a US men's size 12/ladies' size 14.

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