Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorizers

Posted: January 10, 2022
Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorizers
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The stench of well-worn, oft-sweated-in shoes is frikkin' bananas, yet the smell itself is nothing like actual bananas. And for that matter, Boot Bananas don't smell like bananas either, they're just banana-looking deodorizers that neutralize the bananas smells in your shoes. This shit is [cue Gwen Stefani].

Boot Bananas combine universal power ingredient activated charcoal with salts, volcanic minerals, and plant extracts to create a cocktail of stink annihilation that should deodorize "even the sweatiest and smelliest of sports shoes" for up to 12 months. Use Boot Bananas in everyday sneakers and loafers, or high intensity footwear, such as running, climbing, and other sports shoes, as well as ski and snowboard boots, and ice skates. Boot Bananas are also up for the challenge of bringing back to life furoshiki, fivefingers, and other barefoot shoes that smell like hot death after wear.

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