Posted: February 27, 2014
$1,075 - $3,850
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This is a man's ring. And by "man" I mean...I have no idea what I mean. I've got respect for the Doctor and his ride and all, but a TARDIS ring the size of the average male's left nut even before you go inside? I think it would take a special dude, or maybe a special drag queen, to pull one off as a daily accessory.

Paul Michael Design (through his label Geek Dot Jewelry), fast becoming the internet's go-to for finely crafted geek jewelry, adds a salute to Doctor Who to his arcade of flash and shine, which already includes impressive adaptations of Star Wars and Star Trek. The artist himself describes TARDIS in ring form as "massively over engineered" and a "big and bold ring not for the timid." Like most pieces in his collection, the TARDIS ring is available in sterling silver, 14K white and yellow gold, and platinum, with a choice of natural or synthetic diamonds and sapphires.

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