Designer Star Wars Jewelry

Posted: December 09, 2013
Designer Star Wars Jewelry
$75 - $13,250
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Paul Bierker is a formally educated designer with a BFA in Jewelry Design and Graphic Design, and a BAMF in handcrafted Star Wars jewelry. Even I might wear a ladies' sapphire and diamond ring if it also looked like the head of R2D2. And if it could be Ryan Gosling who slipped it on my finger.

Bierker crafts and Force-ifies all pieces himself from his Pittsburgh precious metals lab. Empire and Rebel selections include (in both actual and George-Lucas-lawyer-eluding terms):

Han Solo in Carbonite/Bounty Hunter ring in sterling sliver, 14k gold, stainless steel or laser sintered titanium ($195 to $2,995). Note: Bierker will blast out only 100 rings of this persuasion at the introductory prices listed.

R2D2/Droide LTE in sterling silver or 14k gold, with a real ruby eye, and a center diamond in choices of 1/3 cubic zirconium, or 1/4 to 3/4 carats ($995 to $3,950).

Bejeweled R2D2 in 14k white gold, set with real sapphires , round diamonds, diamond baguettes, and your choice of center stone, from 1/3 to 3/4 carats ($2,995 to $4,950).

Boba Fett/The White Hunter bands, in sterling silver with inlaid black synthetic enamel as default, plus upgrade choices of gold and platinum ($265 to $2,500).

Han Solo/True Hero pendant in sterling silver ($110).

Boba Fett/The Hunter pendant in sterling silver, with smaller and larger versions for ladies and fanboys ($42 to $62.50).

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