Personalized Name or Message Thong

Posted: April 10, 2022
Personalized Name or Message Thong
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Although these personalized name or message thong underwear are super...duper...sexy, I could never ask my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, to place a chain link g-string between her cheeks. I mean, eek. Talk about a chafing nightmare. Isn't cheap toilet paper bad enough?

On the other hand, maker Custom Luxe Jewelry, does designate their personalized thongs as a possible addition to your BDSM or fetish collection, so maybe my wife isn't the intended audience after all.

Dude. Don't say it. Don't...keep my wife's name out your f**kin' mouth!

Custom Luxe Jewelry will personalize your thong with up to 6 letters on each side. Choose from a gold, white gold, or rose gold chain, and white or black colors for the (thankfully) fabric triangle holding the thong together at the front.

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