C is for Chafing

Posted: February 07, 2021
C is for Chafing
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I haven't read C is for Chafing, but based on the cover, illustrator Eric Cash deserves all the credit for its success as a parody alphabet book for runners and their kids. Look at the face on that cover child! He nailed it! That is the exact face I see on runners almost every time I see runners. In fact, it is also the exact face I make every time I think about running. I would buy C is for Chafing just to see what other balls-on accurate (i.e., miserable) visual running gems Cash has cooked up inside. I'd like to see:

B is for Bowels Deciding It's Not a Good Time for a Run.

I is for Ignoring Traffic Lights & Signs.

A is for Achilles Tendinitis. P is for Plantar Faciitis. S is for Shin Splints.

In addition to a learning tool for runner parents to use in teaching their children the alphabet and that they will begin training for their first marathon shortly after learning it, C is for Chafing also makes for a fun adult read, and great novelty gift for a runner.

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