Aurora Borealis Necklace

Posted: April 24, 2021
Aurora Borealis Necklace
$89.48 - $120.98
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Listen, ladies, if you were wearing one of Wood All Good's Aurora Borealis Necklaces, you would have to cut me some slack. Yes, I would be staring at your chesticular area for a long period of time. But I swear, I wouldn't be ogling your boobies and thinking caveman thoughts. I would be lost in the brilliance of this pendant's stunning span of craggy burl wood mountains, and night sky dancing with the blues and greens of opal and resin Northern Lights.

I can appreciate jewelry that is fun and clever (Good After Nine Animal Rings), sickly designed (Dune Rings), and even beautiful (WedgeWood Designs), but the Aurora Borealis Necklace is the first piece I've seen in a while that fills me with awe. That I want to give as a gift to my wife just so I can be mesmerized every time she wears it.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for celestial phenomena.

The landscape of the Aurora Borealis Necklace is all hand-carved, with pendants available in 1.1", 1.3", and 1.5" in diameter, as well as a host of different resin and opal colors. Buyers will also have a choice of necklace to dangle their Northern Lights from, with various lengths of adjustable cord, silver plated chains, and 925 silver chains available.

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