Hand-Wrought Damascus Steel & Wood Rings

Posted: December 08, 2015
Hand-Wrought Damascus Steel & Wood Rings
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Steven Wyatt of WedgeWood Rings handcrafts, sands, and polishes every one of his elegant metal and wood combinations to create standout pieces of jewelry that highlight the natural grain and unique characteristics of their materials and wood types.

His Hand-wrought Damascus Steel & Wood rings pair an outer layer of deeply etched folded steel with a full inner layer of your choice of several woods, including Hawaiian Koa (pictured above), Redwood Burl, Bourbon Barrel, and Pistachio. Due to the time and intensity of labor involved in creating them, these rings are available only as a limited edition, and Wyatt can accept just 4 custom orders per month. As indicated, every undulation and textural illusion in the Damasus has been handmade, in this case one-by-one by an artist Wyatt collaborates with in Denver. Wyatt does all of the rings' woodwork and assembly himself.

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