Human Face Baseball Hat

Posted: August 31, 2022
Human Face Hat
  • Human Face Hat
  • Human Face Hat
  • Human Face Hat
  • Human Face Hat
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This Human Face Baseball Hat is ready to play ball...with anyone who thinks they can look it in the eye without shuddering. Yeeks. Every time I glance at Sabri Tunca's handmade creep fest, I have to shake it off like a nervous dog. Who'd have thought 100% natural merino wool felt could be so disarming?

That said, my melon would be totally down to don a Human Face Baseball Hat for Halloween. As long as it's sitting safe atop my own head, I won't be the one having to look at its bulging blue eyeballs, hyperrealistic flesh tones (also hand-dyed by Tunca), and utter hairlessness. It will be the easiest costume ever, too. I'll call it "Double-Header."

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